Christmas Blues and Winter White

As beautiful as Christmastime may be, nothing looks more debauched the day after than the empty stocking half-hidden under the couch, or the faded piece of torn wrapping paper blown into the fence row.  Even the handmade wooden crèche has collected a shabby coat of dust.

In winter, through the nude trees, nothing is hidden.  Trash cans blown over by the wind.  The side of the house that needs a fresh coat of paint.  A forgotten junk car.

So, snowfall is welcome.  It blankets the stark greys and browns with an iridescent coat.  Those miraculous little flakes drift through the air and knowing that each one of them is a unique work of nature’s art excuses the urge to just simply sit and stare out the window.

A house, a yard, a street blanketed in snow is quiet.  The dogs don’t bark, the children don’t yell, the cars do not whiz by.  Even the noisy diesel roar of the school bus is absent. 

The snow cleanses us, it isolates us, and it almost demands reflection – like Robert Frost and his snowy night.  Temperatures will rise, the snow will melt and be replaced with dirty-looking slush.  There’s still much stark winter to  get  through before the buds bring the promise of spring.  So, fill your eyes while you can with the beauty of snow.


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