Running Wild with Beeswax

“Run Wild” mixed-media collage from

Over the holidays, I experimented with using melted beeswax in my collage work.  I completed the first piece and listed it in my Etsy shop this morning.  I began by painting a geometric pattern with watercolors on a wood panel.  I hadn’t planned on using wax on this piece, but was curious to see how it would look over the watercolor.   Since the wax dries almost the minute you brush or pour it on, I found it changed the dynamics of mycreative process, adding a bit of drama and slap-dashery.  But, by using a heat gun, you can re-melt the wax on the piece and smooth or move it around.  Also, embellishments and textural items can be embedded in the wax.

I like using wax for the depth and texture it adds to pieces.  I have much to learn, however.  The artists on Melange team Etsy have been a tremendous source of information on using beeswax and encaustic techniques.


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