New Year Shmoo Year


Happy New Year!

I hate New Years.  Expectations are too high.  I mean, how do you encapsulate all of last year and project all of next year into one Eve and Day?  It’s too black/white.  Tendrils of 09 will haunt 10.  2010’s most remarkable event  may as yet be unfertilized.  Yet, still, we all feel compelled to sum up and move on.

In the past year, I’ve been too unfocused.  In the coming year, I need to focus on homeschooling my 9th grade son.  It appears I will be seeing him through high school, and so I want to rededicate my efforts so that he can get into and do well in a good university.

In the past year, I’ve spent too freely.  I want to have more self-control over buying urges and begin saving more money. 

In the past year, I’ve not stuck to my eating plan and have gained back too much of the weight I lost two years ago.  Most of all, I’ve not been exercising and am afraid my blood pressure and cholesterol have become an issue again.  I want to get on my elliptical five times a week, and cut back portion sizes and eliminate sweets.  However, if I do get back down to size 6, I will not sell all my size 12s at a garage sale!

In the past year, I began seeing myself as an artist, opened on on-line shop on Etsy and offered my work for sale at a couple of art festivals.  I want to continue to grow as an artist, to experiment with new techniques, and to remain true to my visual “voice.” 

In the past year, I’ve seen my old friends far too infrequently.  In 2010, I want to reconnect with friends.  I want to build new friendships with people who share my sensibilities.  I want to cultivate those with whom I can share lively conversations about books, politics, war, and peace.

In the past year, as in every year, I worried about the health, safety and happiness of my son and husband.  I want to continue to care for and nurture my little family, and to extend myself to more distant family, including in-laws and cousins twice or thrice removed.

In the past year, I’ve struggled with what a blog is and whether I need one.  I hope in the next year I can offer blog postings that encourage us all to trip the lights creative.

Best wishes to all my readers for a fabulous 2010!


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