Refocusing on the Art

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It’s cyber Monday.  The Christmas season is upon us, whether we are ready or not.  (Personally, this past year went by entirely too fast, but that’s another thing altogether.)  The thing is, I did a couple of craft shows this fall, so I worked like a demon to crank out stuff I thought would sell well as Christmas gifts.  But, I overdo everything.  I made way too many cards and ornaments and jewelry boxes, and even worse, the work – and the holiday preparations – stopped being fun.  

It was time to refocus my efforts.  I reminded myself why I’m doing this — how good it feels to create something that others find beautiful or evocative.  The best compliment I ever got was from a young woman who told me my collages were like treasure hunts — you kept finding little things hidden here and there.  I love being able to create meaning for people — or more precisely, helping people create meaning for themselves.

So, it’s back to the artistry and away from giftable gadgets.  I decided to spend the holiday dabbling in something new — encaustic art.  I’ve ordered some supplies and look forward to experimenting and learning.  This may not be proper proceedure, but I like to experiment a little first, before I learn actual techniques because it frees me up to see all the possibilities.

Once this decision was made, that glorious feeling came back.   I don’t know that my encaustic work will be masterpiece-ful.  But the process of learning it will be.  Plus, Christmas can be Christmas again!


6 thoughts on “Refocusing on the Art

  1. The last few shows I’ve done, it’s driven me mad trying to prepare for them and for the little return I got for all my efforts made me wonder if it was worth it. In the Spring, I did my first show and the payoff came over next several months where I sold a good many original pieces to people that saw me at the show. So, the benefits can come down the road but the energy exerted getting ready can be overwhelming. With that said, I make very little holiday art, it’s just something I’ve chosen to not to really focus on. I do try to paint with colors that remind me of the season we’re in or are going into. That works for me more so than holiday art/crafts.

  2. It’s a relief when that happens, I think. The duty calls build up and we don’t even realize it until at some point we dread picking up the brush, glue, embellishment….whatever the medium… and it’s not fun anymore. The solution is what you found, do it for the soul not the checkbook.

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