Christmas Festival

My Mother-in-law and her beautiful decorated eggs

This past weekend, I participated in a Christmas Craft Festival with my Mother-in-law, Zola Powell.  Zola uses  a variety of bird eggs as canvas for her art.  She takes duck, emu,  and ostrich eggs and carefully drains them, then uses several different techniques to decorate the empty shells.   On some eggs, she cuts an opening and crafts a 3-D scene inside the egg.  She has even done eggs like this as cake-toppers at weddings with the bride and groom figurines inside the egg.  One of the most popular of her pieces at this festival were the duck eggs that she had marbelized by dribbling them with liquid dye.  She mounts all her eggs on attractive brass stands.

My father-in-law creates beautiful wood-turned pieces of art.  He displayed his oil-burning candles and wood kaleidescopes–which never failed to fascinate festival shoppers of every age.

I learned a lot from my mother-in-law this weekend.  She printed off instructions for making tiny boxes out of old Christmas cards.  She had a couple of the boxes as examples and gave out the instruction sheets to people who stopped at our booth.  It was a great way to interact with shoppers and to involve them in the artistic process. 

It was a great opportunity for me to do the festival with Zola.

Wood turnings and Christmas Collage

Christmas Festival Wares

My mixed-media collage work

Christmas Festival Display


5 thoughts on “Christmas Festival

    • Thanks Maureen. The banner is a piece I did called “Bling.” It is on a narrow wooden plank and the “bling” is an old bracelet I found in a box of junk in an antique shop in Nashville. It had some pieces missing so I couldn’t wear it, but I thought it looked kind of fierce on that piece of wood!

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