Etsy Marketing–There’s Visibility in Numbers

I didn’t think I would become so business-minded when I decided to open an Etsy shop to sell the art that was beginning to pile up in my spare room.  After all, doing artwork was fun — exhilerating even.  What I didn’t understand was how huge Etsy is.

There are thousands of artists on Etsy, and the challenge is to get people, more specifically, buyers, to look at the stuff in your shop.  So far, I’ve learned that you have to list new objects pretty much every day to stay visible.   Second, I’ve found that experienced sellers are generous with support and tips if you ask.  I browse through a few shops every day and identify the ones that are impressive, either with their art or with the way they have presented their art.  I convo these guys, telling them specifically what I like about their shop.   I have now joined two etsy teams – Collage Etsy team and Melange Etsy Team.  Being on a team gives you a connection to artists who have similar artistic and marketing interests. 

At this point, the biggest challenge for me as a new Etsy shop owner is learning to use internet technology to bring in customers.  It seems that a successful seller must build a network of sellers.  The old adage – there’s safety in numbers – could be rewritten in the virtual age as “there’s visibility in numbers.”

2 thoughts on “Etsy Marketing–There’s Visibility in Numbers

  1. Have you been able to market yourself? I am having a hard time getting people to notice my etsy shop. How do you join a team? Thanks

    • I have not had overwhelming success with Etsy, I’m sorry to say. I love the way it works, but it’s gotten so big that it is difficult for people to reach our individual shops, especially those in the broad category of “art.” I have had some sales, though. I joined a group by convo’ing a team leaders. Only one of the teams I contacted was actually doing anything. The people on the team were great and I enjoyed the support and encouragement. But, I haven’t had the time to keep up the contacts lately. My goal is to develop a few other avenues for sales: a few shows, and a gallery or two.

      I wish you the best. Thanks for commenting on my blog. That’s another thing I need to get back to when time frees up!

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