Business is Business

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to go the Post Office and not be able to put together one of their cardboard box mailers?  Have I been out of the “real world” that long?  The answer is, yes, I have.  I’m one of those women who opted to stay home with the kid.  In fact, I home school my kid.  I’m way behind on the business technology curve.  I’m paddling like crazy to learn how to use the internet as a business tool.

When our spare room began to fill up with collages and other assembled art work, I decided to try and sell some stuff.  The internet makes it so easy to reach out and connect with so many people.  The fact that you access so many people makes it necessary to be savvy about getting yourself out there and in front so that more people get drawn to your site.  You can probably tell by the way I express this that I’m not a tech person.  I don’t know what the jargon means.  For me, it’s all trial and error.

Still, feedback has been good and learning new stuff keeps you young.  So, I’ll learn my one-new-thing for today and keep on going.


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