First Craft Show

I’m getting ready for my first craft show. Being from Music City (i.e., Nashville, TN) it seems appropriate that my first show is the “Music and Molasses Festival.” Don’t scoff!! We go every year. We buy a five pound bag of freshly stone-ground yellow corn meal and a gallon jug of sorghum molasses. That’s supposed to be a year’s supply for us, but last year I found the ultimate recipe for sorghum cookes and we discovered that sorghum tastes good on fresh cornbread. We were out of both by January.

I seems like I should be nervous about my first show, but I’m not (yet!). Nervous is almost a state of being for me, but since I’ve been doing my collage art, my confidence is stronger. I’m really feeling more excitement than nervousness. My studio is a wreck and there are new pieces all over the place in various stages of completion.

In any case, where better to be in the Fall than outdoors (even if it is next to the sheep exhibit) listening to bluegrass music and munching molasses cookies (and hopefully, selling my art!).


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